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All of the horses at our yard are now being fed with feed from The Pure Feed Company. We have been so impressed with the improvements to the health and wellbeing of all of the horses that we have decided to become stockists.

About The Pure Feed Company

At Pure Feed, horse feed is what we live for, as feeding horses is our passion. We have produced a range of high fibre, molasses free horse feeds all of which are designed for the health, performance and long term well being of your horse. Formulated by experts in horse nutrition, the Pure Feed range provides you with everything you need for the optimum horse diet. And please know that if you need any help or assistance in understanding what to feed a horse, we're here to help!

Find out more - plus free nutritional advice.

The Pure Feed Company offer free nutritional advice so that you know you are feeding the correct feed to match your horse and the work it is doing. The feed range suits all levels from just maintaining condition through to top competition.

To learn more about this feed please go to the Pure Feed Company website which can be found here.

There brochure can also be downloaded from here.

How to buy.

Pure Feed can be ordered direct from The Pure Feed Company who will deliver to you. If you order direct from them please mention Comeytrowe as this will gain us points.

To save some money you can collect the feed direct from Comeytrowe. Our prices are very competitive and the entire diet for all of your horses can be collected from one place. Please give us a call on 01823 461385.

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